Sunday, November 18, 2007


I couldn’t believe that I went back to Utah. I thought that I would never go back. It’s actually pretty funny, because I bet I was one of the only girls at Alpine Academy to ever go back and “visit.” I mean, honestly, who really wants to go back and see where some of the worst times of their life was. I have to be truthful though, there were some of the best times there as well. The most amazing and the most awful things happened there. It probably wouldn’t be that way for everyone, but it was that way for me. Treatment centers are places where people go to get better. The name is pretty self-explanatory. I did have a great time though. I’m not surprised that I had such a good time, because I wanted to go there very bad in the first place. I’m writing this because I want to, not because I want other people to read it. Of course, I don’t mind if other people read it, but I’m pretty much writing it for myself.

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